Why are we doing this. All languages in the Cook Islands are on UNESCO’s endangered languages list http://www.unesco.org/culture/languages-atlas/index.php . This includes the Cook Islands Maori language including its various dialects as well as the Pukapukan Language. This project aims to highlight the plight of the languages and assist in starting a discussion on the future of these languages.


We’re trying to figure out what works in terms of getting people involved in a discussion about the future of the languages spoken in the Cook Islands. We have started by getting young people interested/engaged in the language through technology. We are aiming to build apps, web services, games etc… based off this initial project that will allow people to interact with the database to do and build things in cool new ways. Its early days yet but we think we’re on the right track. Our other aim is to build a community of users who are passionate about the language.


The Cook Islands Maori Database project is an online database of more than 15000+ Cook Islands Maori words stored in an online database. It is open to people who would like to contribute to it.

About the Project

ISIF Asia innovation awards

We received an innovation grant from ISIF Asia. Check out the video we did for the ISIF Asia innovation awards. The Information Society Innovation Fund(ISIF) is a grants and awards program aimed at stimulating creative solutions to ICT development needs in the Asia Pacific region, placing particular emphasis on the role of the Internet in social and economic development in the region, towards the effective development of the Information Society throughout.


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Our Team

Meet our team of dedicated individuals who are the driving force the continued development of the Cook Islands Maori Database.

Ano Tisam

Ano Tisam

Project Lead & Developer

A Cook Islands developer who specializes in building sustainable information systems for use in small island developing states. Ano is the Project Lead and Web/Database/Mobile Developer for the project.

Maureen Hilyard

Maureen Hilyard

Project Administrator

Maureen takes care of the day to day running and administration of the project as well as the reporting and monitoring side of things.

Nga Teinangaro

Nga Teinangaro

Education Consultant

Nga Teingaro heads up the development of education resources for the project and the integration of its use into classrooms in conjunction with teachers.

Violet Tisam

Violet Tisam

Community Liason

Violet Tisam is the community liaison person for the project. She consults with the community to gather feedback and assist with the development of the project.

Our story

We are a small team of talented individuals with a strong background in education and technology. Our aim is to ensure that the Cook Islands Maori language continues to thrive well into the 21st-century. The Cook Islands Maori database project is the first step in ensuring this happens.

  • Development of Blog 90%
  • Development of Database 75%
  • Marketing and Promotion 30%
  • Mobile App Development 20%