Cook Islands Maori Android App now Available

Cook Islands Maori Android App now Available
The Cook Islands Maori App is now available worldwide on the Google Play store. It’s currently available for $2.59 and all proceeds go towards continuing the development of the project. The Android apps release was only made possible after we ironed out a few issues with registering for a Google developer account. So now finally the wait is over for our long suffering android users as the Cook Islands Maori App is currently available for both the Apple iOS and Android platform’s. We’d like to thank all the Android users for their patience and the feedback they provided regarding  an Android version and when it would be available. We are now weighing up our options now on whether to squeeze in a Windows Phone version but that’ll depend on how many people have windows phones. Anyway to everyone one who encouraged us and helped us spread the word both apps, a big Meitaki Maata to you all, Enjoy! :-D

Update 2: For people whose devices are not supported (see image below), try this fix in the meantime while we work on a fix to try get the app compatible with all android devices I‘m currently trying to sort it out on the developer console but Google‘s being a pain, thinking I might have to build a completely new version of the app to make it more widely compatible. Also, read this to find out why the device is incompatible with your device

Update 1: FYI, People who have set their Play store accounts to the Cook Islands fall into the “Rest of the World“ category and Google doesn‘t allow paid apps for the “Rest of the World“. I found a work around here
Hope that helps. Everyone else should be fine. Find out more about this here

P.s. Check out this awesome write up about us on the Facebook Page Buy Cook Islands Made > 
 and a video of the app here:

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