Project Lead off to APNIC Brisbane 2014

Project lead Ano Tisam is off to APNIC 2014 in Brisbane. Tisam will be attending the conference as part of the Deci2 research group selected from ISIF.Asia grant awardees. The key benefit for us will be attending the ResCom and User Focused Evaluation workshop to get feedback from the project mentors as we are still getting to grips with the process says Tisam. The conference is a week long and Tisam will be returning on the 22nd of September just in time for the PACINET conference to be held here in Rarotonga.


  1. Hey Ano! Interested to hear how the UF evaluation workshop went. I just came back from an Eval and innovation workshop and it was the shiznet. Cheers!

    • Awesome Mii, we’ll swap notes when I get back.


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