New version of the Cook Islands Maori Database coming soon

New version of the Cook Islands Maori Database coming soon

A new version of the Cook Islands Maori Database will be coming soon after 4 months of development. Ano Tisam the lead developer hopes to get a beta version of the database up and running by the end of the month. Although end-user functionality will be the same as in the previous version of the database there are some significant changes that have been made to the system.

The new system now runs on the latest version of WordPress as opposed to the old version which is running on an outdated Joomla 1.5 version. The decision to move away from Joomla was due to the easy of use and the simplicity of integrating wordpress with mobile development.

There are also some significant changes to the backend and one of things the project is excited about is the ability for other developers to tap into the websites API. This’ll open up the platform to other mobile or website developers to tap into our database platform so that they can build their own applications. Work on documenting this API will begin in the next month but the first use of the API will be in the development of a mobile application for the database.

We’d like people to have access to the database available in the most convenient form and for an increasing number of people that means having the database available via mobile. The project hopes to release a paid offline version with the proceeds going to support the continued development of the project and a free online version of the database.

Other developments to the database include the increase in the number of words and dialects now contained in the database. We started with about 6000 words from a single source dictionary and mostly words from the Rarotongan dialect and now we have 15000+ words that covers words for all the Maori dialects spoken in the Cook Islands including the Pukapukan Language which is spoken on Pukapuka and Nassau.


  1. You are doin excellent ground breakin stuff for our people,kudos to you and best wishes for the future.

    I hav in the past tried to find words to reflect my thorts and feelings when Im writting and had to settle for NZ Maori words as substitues.


    • Kia Orana Albert,

      Thanks for the words of support. I’ve just secretly launched a new version of the Maori database about 10mins ago. Check it out here

      Unfortunately I’ve recently been asked to choose between my full-time job at the Prime Ministers Office and working on this project, so having to decide what to do now.

      Ano Tisam
      Project Leader
      Cook Islands Internet Action Group


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