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to be very low tide with the reef exposed.


v.i., fq. arara1., Lean, tilt. Te arararara ua ra nga tangata kona kava ki runga i te paruru are., The two drunks were leaning against the wall; Ko te au pu meika arararara aere ma te kaui i runga ta kotou e toko aere ki te rakau. The banana trees which are leaning over and carrying bunches of fruit, theyre the ones you must support with poles; Kua akatutu akaou ratou i te pu tomati i te ararararaanga i te matangi. They straight-ened up the tomato plants which had keeled over in the wind; aere arararara, to stumble along, stagger. [arara1, Rr.]


Be caught, taken, kidnapped

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